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I am happy you are taking time to check out my site. My astrological sign is Aquarius, and one trait that the sign is known for is the desire to help others and I believe I have that. I'm a huge fan of helping people and would love to help you! Every job I have had leading up to this has been about personal service. Whether it was working with at-risk youth, developmentally disabled adults or the general public my main focus has always been the people I am helping and what I can do to make their experience better! 

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My Story

I found a passion in real estate while working as an Administrative Assistant for a wonderful broker in Vacaville. Until then, I had never appreciated the real estate industry as a "caring industry." I realized that real estate agents don't all feel like a stereotypical "car salesmen" neither do most car salesmen to be honest. The more I learned, the more I could see myself finding or selling a home and helping people navigate that process.

When I work with buyers and sellers, I strive to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment, while bringing a little fun into the real estate transaction process. Working in partnership, we will evaluate your needs and learn how I can best represent your interests. We will make your personalized Real Estate plan to get you to where you want to be! My knowledge of the Solano region and my experiences of having lived here most of my life, give me the ability to show you why it is a wonderful area to call home.

In my free time I enjoy playing, watching and coaching soccer. I grew up in the sport and I've learned invaluable skills on the field that I apply to the real estate world. I strive to create a positive environment and work to keep everything as stress-free as possible. I like to win (for my clients), but do so with a calm, cool demeanor and always with a smile. I also fill my off time with gardening, hiking, crafts, and cooking/baking. I am a good person to ask for recipes, and I love to talk about camping/hiking/backpacking and, of course, my pets. I am a "dog person," but somehow my dog, Ace, and I share our living space with a cats, some fish and a few aquatic snails. 

I graduated from Vacaville High School in 2000 and attended CSU Sacramento as an Art History major. In terms of real estate, my education is never complete. As a real estate agent and licensed REALTOR® I continually invest time, money and thought into the latest sales, marketing and negotiation techniques. I keep my mind sharp and am always willing to learn something new.  


Would you like to work together? Shoot me an email or text! We can grab a coffee in person or over zoom and chat. I look forward to hearing from you!     

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