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Jumping in Feet First

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Although I passed my real estate agent test in 2019, I did not yet have plans to be a full-time agent. For months I had done nothing other than use my new license to be able to talk prices on the phone while I was working as an Administrative Assistant for broker Garland Dunham. I was content in not stressing over the small things in life. I had no need to change what I was doing. If it slowly happened great; but if not, I would just use my license to help people I was close to. Then Covid-19 happened. I did not fare well the first few weeks. I cut myself off from people for the most part and became lost in my own thoughts, both bad and good. Work?!? I had too many crazy thoughts in my head to focus on work, but I also needed to go if only to get away from my thoughts. Life had made a huge shift, and not just my life, but everyone's. In my past, I've found that abrupt change usually occurs from a negative event, while positive change eases their way in. This was somewhere in the middle. But Covid-19 was turning me into a person I did not enjoy. I pretended to be OK but then did absolutely nothing when alone. Thoughts consumed me and all the "what if's" happened. So, after weeks of my brain and I having in-depth talks, I decided, it's now or never. I needed a change to jolt me out of this. I needed to start answering and focusing on my personal goals, aspirations I also realized that this change was not abrupt. I had been getting in my own way for years.

When I saw this statement on social media, I instantly loved it. I couldn't find who posted it, so I made my own meme. It still makes me chuckle! I don't think I would have seen myself where I am now 5 years ago, but I am happy I am here. Deciding to go all in was for me one of the craziest plans I have ever gone through with. But I am happy to have a boss who believes that I can succeed in this and is willing support my decision. I knew that if I made the decision and waited for the perfect time for my plan to be implemented I would have lost out on months/years - that was my usual MO lately.

So this time, I hit the ground running with some promising leads. I didn't worry about the marketing because I felt I had time to figure that out after my first sale. I was wrong. One by one, each promising lead postponed. I wasn't sure which was worse the fact that they went from active to non-active or that I had nothing to fall back on. None of them were - NO - they were all just "I want to wait," which I completely understand! So I put on my big girl panties and hit reverse. I went back to basics; What should a new agent do? What did I need to do to get on track to succeed in this business? I started reading articles and blogs, listening to podcasts and YouTube videos. I signed up for all the webinars and tutorials on the programs Real Estate Agents use. I did my homework but didn't rush to do the one thing I knew: I have to promote myself.

That ends today!

Since I'm just starting out, I decided to use for a free website. It also has the option for a blog, which I'm sure will be useful,so here it is: My first blog entry, which tells you just a little bit more about why I am here.

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