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My Perfect Agent

I have been stressed out about what to do next and losing motivation that this career was for me. Even with some new ideas and some wins to help my motivation, I was still being negative and stressed about my ideas failing miserably before I even try. Then I began thinking about myself, I don't like working with stressed people or people not happy with what they are doing, so why am I becoming this person. I was worried more about getting a client or referral and less about what I wanted to make out of this career. Prior to getting my license, I had ideas of what kind of agent I was going to be. Initially, I was not going to be my full time, it was just going to be a bonus if I got a sale. But as most things do, that plan changed. I had some potential clients that made me feel like I would have a great start. I was looking at it and felt like once the ball was rolling I'd keep the momentum and I could start completing things I wanted to do. I got excited, so excited I quit my job. I was sure nothing would go wrong! I was soon baptized by fire. As an agent you learn that your work is dependent on other people's plans which like my initial plan, all my potential client's moving plans changed. My great start became the opposite and I struggled to stay positive. As I regained some motivation in the last week or so, I decided it was time to take a step back and reassess what I wanted personally and professionally. It was simple, to be happy and be stressed (which usually is a precursor for depressed). I want to be in a position that allows me to do everything I want, and provides for me to live how I want. One of the things that drew me to wanting to get my real estate license was knowing I can make a difference in people's lives but also be successful for myself and have the ability to be around people I care about and do the things I love to do more. I know I can't be successful if I'm not true to myself. My Dad used to always tell me growing up "If you want to learn to do something, do it. Then figure out a way to make it your own." I've passed the state exam. I have a wonderful boss and mentor, Broker Garland Dunham, who gave me a ton of hands on experience working as her assistant and although I know that I will always be learning and improving now is the part where I have to make it my own.

This blog entry is a place I can refer back to help keep my focus to become the agent I would want to have in my corner as well as let you know what I strive to be as an agent. I want to stay true to myself and be the person I would want doing the job.

My Perfect Agent

What I will strive to achieve to be.


  • Someone who can walk people through the entire real estate sale process and explain it

  • Someone who can explain the roles of all the people involved

  • Someone who is knowledgeable about homes, from construction to repairs

  • Someone who knows people to refer for repairs through personal use/business

  • Someone who knows their local market and inventory of homes

  • Someone who is knowledgeable about the neighborhoods in their market

  • Someone who is continually learning and growing & highlights that they are doing so


  • Someone who takes the time to get to know me and my likes

  • Someone who isn't pushy or always talking Real Estate

  • Someone who will help solve problems without feeling like there is an alternate motive

  • Someone who believes helping comes before selling

  • Someone who I consider a friend that happens to sell real estate


  • Someone who is vocal when necessary and upfront on issues

  • Someone who stays in touch but doesn't send a ton of emails I won't read

  • Someone who when we talk it is genuine they contacted me because they thought about me


  • Some one who is observant, nothing gets past them either physical items or paperwork

  • Someone who notices important updates I've made and comments on them

  • Someone who is engaging with me if we "follow" each other on social media, sees my posts


  • Someone who is not afraid to get dirty & do physical work

  • Someone who knows when their hands are full, doesn't have too much on their plate


  • Someone who is outgoing and friendly

  • Someone who is visible - On social media and personally

  • Someone who has a sense of humor

  • Someone who thinks outside the box

  • Someone who is respectful of personal beliefs and opinions even if they disagree

  • Someone who values my time

  • Someone who is honest and open

  • Someone who can adjust to their surroundings

I think if I put all my focus to making sure I can say "Yes, I'm that person!" to everything in my list then even if I don't make a bunch of sales, I'll know that at least I'm being the best agent I can be. Something I really have to work on, is valuing other people's time by being on time. It's not hard to be on time but I am breaking a life long habit. I need to remember that people who are always on time do not think like a person who is habitually, so I need to make it a standard to be early, so if I'm late I'm on time!

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